12 Best Supplements for Alcohol Recovery

When you’re in recovery from alcohol addiction, nutrition can play a major role in helping your system bounce back. When you focus on eating foods that support a healthy digestive system, you are ensuring that your body has the ability to properly absorb any vitamins and nutrients that are entering its system. Having a consistent replenishment of these amino acids, vitamins, and minerals will decrease the chances of experiencing alcohol cravings. You will find that when your body has a consistent, normal blood sugar level, you will feel fewer hunger cravings which will also decrease your cravings for alcohol.

Taking time to explore the specific people, places, and situations that cue your urge to drink can make a big difference. Internal triggerstypically involve memories, thoughts, emotions, herbs to curb alcohol cravings or physical sensations that prompt the urge to drink. The pleasant euphoria you experience when drinking becomes a reward, one that reinforces your desire to drink in certain situations.

Do all Alcohol-Dependent Individuals Face Cravings?

James Lake, M.D., a clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, works to transform mental health care through the evidence-based uses of alternative therapies. Addiction is severe and extremely difficult to overcome without proper rehabilitation. The term “rehabilitation” is a set of steps taken to reverse the effects and damages caused by alcoholism – physically, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise. Build a network of positive influences that would improve your self-esteem. A supportive and dedicated group of friends is a great backbone, especially in long term abstinence. Attending support groups and communicating positively helps to maintain sobriety.

  • While you should seek medical treatment if you’re experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, there are remedies to manage your alcohol cravings at home.
  • Before starting any complementary treatment, be sure to discuss it with a doctor to make sure it’s safe for you.
  • In particular, she’s committed to helping decrease stigma around mental health issues.

Naltrexone can help retrain your brain to be less interested in alcohol over time, while acamprosate, baclofen, gabapentin, and topiramate can all help reduce cravings for alcohol. Learn more about medications for alcohol cravings, and other ways to round out your support system in recovery. When you are trying to stop drinking alcohol, you may find several herbal remedies helpful.

Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging for Addiction

Taking 2 grams of vitamin C one hour before alcohol consumption increases the rate at which alcohol is cleared from the blood, and may reduce acute toxic effects on the liver (Chen 1990). This significance of this finding is limited by small study size and the absence of blinding and a control group. Angelica Atropurpurea https://ecosoberhouse.com/ or Angelica is an extremely effective herbal remedy for alcoholism and curbing cravings in recovering alcoholics or those who wish to quit liquor. During the phase of alcohol withdrawal, the person experiences a urge to drink again. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant.

But one often-overlooked aspect of beating addiction is nutrition in recovery. Making the decision to quit drinking can help alleviate these symptoms by improving mood and lessening the physical side effects. Of all the herbs, kudzu has perhaps the greatest potential as an herbal  treatment for alcoholism. Since being used, it has been shown that individuals who drink kudzu drink less alcohol when compared to those who didn’t. A concern with herbal treatment for alcoholism approaches is that there is undoubtedly a placebo effect which can lead individuals to think that they are more effective than they truly are. None of the herbal treatments available would work as an all-encompassing treatment for alcoholism.

How medication can help

The real danger may be the possible delay in seeking professional help for the dependence. If asked about herbal treatments for a drinking problem, it is advisable to recommend speaking with a professional rather than self-treatment with over-the-counter supplements. Abstaining from alcohol can be a difficult decision as it requires significant lifestyle changes. This process can be made even more difficult by symptoms of withdrawal and alcohol cravings.

herbs to curb alcohol cravings

Often there is a process of trial and error to determine the best possible supplement regimens, but luckily there are effective programs that can help. I discuss the benefits of these 7 fatty acids and amino acids for alcohol detox in much more detail in a related article. Regularly consuming alcohol impairs your body’s ability to properly absorb vitamins thereby inducing a variety of substance abuse symptoms such as bone loss, dehydration and more.

The process was worthwhile because every now and then, I would discover a miracle supplement that would catapult my sense of well-being to new heights. Deficiency in vitamin B3, or niacin, is also common in heavy drinkers. Many individuals who drink large quantities of alcohol are deficient in vitamin B1, or thiamine. In fact, this is one of the main vitamins given to people going through medical detox from alcohol.

  • Never take a new medication or adjust existing prescriptions without the approval of a doctor who is aware of previous health issues and current prescriptions.
  • Active indulgences heighten cravings as people give in to the need to keep their blood alcohol at a high level, where they can easily escape from withdrawal symptoms.
  • Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.
  • Then you can take the liquid from the top of the boiling vessel and drink this to fight the urge for alcohol.

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