Works of art of children and girls of Tangier

Organized by Art and Culture without Borders, between the 3rd and 6th of October, 2018, two workshops of painting took place for children and girls in Tangier, Morocco. The painters Paulina Parra (Caracas (Venezuela), 1969) and Kico Camacho, (Argentina 1948), accompañados of the Ambassadors of Good Will of the organization, Princess Beatriz of Orleans and Princess Mina Lhegari.

Art and Culture without Borders, presided by Soumaya Akhib presented the works of excellent quality yesterday in CONSENTINO City Madrid, (Walk of the Castilian one, 116). The works were exposed and puttings to the sale before a numerous public. Between the guests there were the Princess Carla of Bulgaria, the Countess of Locksmithing, Laddona Bentley, Mariely Usera, Karin Menhert, Michael Mas and the artists Paulina Parra y Kico Camacho, whose works auctioned for recuadar funds other workshops of painting.


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