“All human beings have something in common, We all strive to be happy”

H.H. The XIV Dalai Lama



Our mission is the celebration of our common humanity through art and culture as a link between people of different ethnic backgrounds and religions. We cooperate with other civil society organizations and government intitutions

Our Vision

“We have to emphasize that culture and art are a universal language that should always unite us and never separate us and thus foster a more just and harmonious world.

Our Objetive.

  • The preservation of indigenous traditions and cultures.
  • Promote the cultural heritage as a fundamental right because every human being should be able to enjoy, have access to and participate in their cultural heritage.
  • Promote cultural freedom and its diversity.
  • Organize inter-cultural projects to strengthen the bonds of trust and reconciliation between peoples.
  • Defense of culture in a social context with the aim of creating a more harmonious and happy world by collaborating with official institutions and non-governmental organizations.


Is registered as a Civil Society organization  (C.S.O) with the United Nations

H.R.H Princess Beatrice of Orleans


Honorary President


The strength of an association and its team are its values and the meaning it gives to its actions. Since its creation, we have constantly defended the acceptance, respect and creation of an artistic cultural harmony between the continents. The exchange and participation of all the people I meet reinforce my belief that, together and in a spirit of solidarity, much can be done for the good of humanity. Together, let’s build a harmonious world whose main concept will be: ART AND CULTURE WITHOUT BORDERS

Soumaya Akbib

president and founder